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If there’s one thing I’ve noticed out in the teaching community is there’s a lot of reluctant teachers that don’t have the confidence to teach Digital Technology or STEM. A common response I get is that I’m somehow amazing and that there’s no way they could do what I do… but I maintain they can! If our students can go from no knowledge to programming a robot in a single session, I’m sure we can find a way to boost your staff’s confidence in delivering this exciting content.

Some of the things I can help with are:
– Cutting through the plethora of education advertising – what to buy and where.
– Building confidence with some straightforward, repeatable high engagement lessons.
– Using students’ prior knowledge to build lessons on the fly.
– How to find great content (and avoid less impressive content).
– Broad variety of exciting activities and curriculum content (not just LEGO®).
– Getting the most out of the equipment you have already.

The last one is also an important one. I know how tight budgets can be and I’ve had to be very creative over the years to build my resources, so let me help. Let’s crack open the resource cupboard together and ditch those ancient digital microscopes, sell some of the rarer pieces and give some new life to those old Dacta sets from the 70s (again, another reason why LEGO® is so good…). We can look at your spaces around the school and find a great way to safely store equipment so that everyone is able to use it with the least amount of effort, and the least amount of re-sorting and organising. Whether it be a little help getting a LEGO® club started right through to setting up a STEM room, I’m more than happy to lend a hand.

Brickulum with Ryan Evans - Building on the Australian technology curriculum

Other Curriculum Areas: Non-LEGO® Activities

As much as I love working with LEGO®, I do run a full program at my school that covers a broad range of skills and curriculum areas. As part of a full Digital Technology and Design curriculum package, I’m more than happy to work with your students with these topics too. Some of the activities I’ve developed units for include:
– 3D design – AutoCAD
– Image editing and creation
– Other devices such as MBots, Spheros, Dot, drones…
– Scratch
– Digital sticker design and creation
– Video editing
– Electronic circuits
– Stop-motion animation
– and so much more!

We’ve been running an exciting and engaging program at Rangeview Primary School for a number of years now and I’m excited to share my knowledge, passion and creative lessons with students right across Australia! So whether you’re looking for a pure LEGO® based experience or a Digital Technology curriculum solution, the Brickulum is here to help!

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