Building on the Digital Technology curriculum

Welcome to the Brickulum! A system that takes advantage of the modularity and familiarity of LEGO® bricks to supercharge the Digital Technology and Design curriculum.

Well this was a little bit exciting!

As if I wasn’t chuffed enough to make it to the Grand Finale in Season 3 of Lego Masters….they actually invited me back for more!  In 2023 Season 5 – Lego Masters, Grand Masters aired where I was once again joined by my Brick Buddy Gabby. Children all over Australia have been super inspired by the series, and I’m thoroughly enjoying connecting with them all with every school visit!

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About Brickulum

For years I’ve been working on building a solid Digital Technology and STEM/STEAM program. I’ve looked for ways to not only achieve curriculum objectives, but for exciting ways to get students – and teachers – engaged in the activities to ensure the learning continues beyond the classroom. I’ve worked with many different systems and have found that the one product that can deliver on all fronts is LEGO®. From exploring the principles of motion to engineering structures right through to building and coding complex robots, LEGO® has a solution for it all. But it’s not enough to just have the products – it’s how you use them in the classroom that can really make the difference.

Brickulum Services

It's not all about LEGO® - I also offer a range of services in Digital Technology, Design and STEM. I'm also passionate about supporting and upskilling your existing staff to confidently run great programs.

Brickulum with Ryan Evans - Building on the Australian technology curriculum

The Brickulum

A Digital Technology and Design program using LEGO® to align with level curriculum. From simple machines to complex coding, the Brickulum has it all.

Professional Development & Consultancy

Building confidence in teaching the Digital Technology curriculum and helping establish a fantastic program in schools are key goals of the Brickulum.

Digital Technology, Design & STEM

LEGO® is fantastic, but there are heaps of other tools we can use too! From Scratch to sticker creation and everything in between, I can help!

Why Speak to Me?

Instant Engagement

Students love working with LEGO®, and they'll love working with a LEGO® Master.

Experienced Teacher

I've been working with students for many years, specifically in Digital Technology.


As a LEGO®fan, I live and breathe the brick. This is what I do every day, and students are inspired by this energy.


I'd prefer to work in with your program rather than just deliver the same lessons every day!

Client Testimonials

“Our school from prep to 6 absolutely loved working with Ryan. For the students to see creative possibilities out of Lego and Technic it opened up a world of possibilities to them. Many of our grade 6 students who graduated last year spoke about the incursion as one of the highlights of their school journey. I would thoroughly recommend Ryan and Brickulum to any school looking to engage their students in the STEM curriculum.”
Dale Banks, Principal
Fish Creek
“Ryan built our whole school Digitech program from the ground up and this specialist stream is a highlight of our curriculum. He has run a successful LEGO Club and taken many Rangeview PS teams to success in the First LEGO League. His classes are a rich blend of numeracy, coding, robotics and Lego and are often a session our students look forward to throughout the week. I would highly recommend Ryan to other schools (on days he is not working for me!) who are looking to enrich their STEM program.”
Marika Ferguson, Principal
“Thank you so much for a fantastic day – so many very happy students and the teachers were thrilled with the learning opportunities that students had throughout the day and into the evening. Lots of happy parents too! You were brilliant and the teachers spoke so highly of you. Thank you for your flexibility and willingness to cram so much into a single day. Thanks again for providing such a wonderful opportunity for our students.”
Sarah Michael, Deputy Head of Primary
Waverley Christian College

The Brickulum will inspire your students

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some amazing people, attend some fantastic professional development and read some impressive material over my time as a Digital Technologies and classroom teacher, and I’ve been able to pick through and find the best bits and develop many of my own activities to create the Brickulum – an engaging series of lessons that will engage students of any age in hands-on, exciting activities where deep learning is embedded within the task. Your students will be so deeply involved in the activities, they won’t even notice they’re learning!


What an outstanding experience to not only get to be on LEGO Masters in 2021, but to get a second chance to come back and have a go at competing against some of the best builders across all 4 seasons in Grand Masters! 

I’d love to share some of our journey with your students and inspire them to make the most of every opportunity and follow their dreams. Contact me now to discuss what I can offer

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